Eligibility Criteria

The CWMD Graduate Fellowship Program welcomes applications from:

  • uniformed personnel in the grades of WO2–WO5 and O-3–O-6.
  • DoD civilians in the grades of GS-9–GS-15.
  • Non-DoD personnel who are of equivalent ranks to those listed above and are able to provide their own funding. DoD funding is limited to DoD personnel only.

Applicants must:

  • possess a bachelor degree.
  • possess a final DoD SECRET clearance.
  • secure the permission and support of their supervisory chain to depart their workplace in time to:
    • arrive at the MSU campus in Fairfax, Virginia and the NDU campus in Washington, D.C., in time for evening classes beginning at 6:00 p.m.
    • attend the CWMD Fellows Colloquium conducted at NDU over the two-year period of the fellowship. The Colloquium meets for seminars totaling 102 classroom hours. The seminars are held during regular business hours on Thursdays or Fridays at NDU. Historically, most supervisors have recognized the propriety of counting seminar attendance as professional development time.